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Extended Deadline!!!!
2017-18 TWIST Applications will be available Monday, February 20- Tuesday, March 21.  

2017-18 TWIST Application

Vision: Our vision is to reinvent school. In many ways, the way school is run has not changed that much in 100 years. We want to create a place that is more authentic and a real world environment for students. It will be an environment that showcases knowledge and celebrates student initiated learning. 
So what is TWIST?

It is a non-traditional project- based learning environment that will be a collaboration between language arts and science. It will

1. foster creativity

2. increase time management skills

3. enable unique ways of learning content.  

4. develop authentic projects

5. provide differentiation

6. develop 21st Century skills

7. allow collaboration between content, students, and teachers

Students work in groups on many large projects and a few small projects through the year. Even though time is given within the two hour block, some time at home is often needed. Students develop a plan on how to complete the project with each person taking on specific jobs within the group. At the conclusion of a project, students complete a Peer Evaluation of each other.

What are 21st Century Skills?

21st Century Skills