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Project 3: Rock School Musical

Here are our song lyrics in the order that they will be performed. If you'd like to work on a script, please feel free to bring that to class, too.

Basic idea of the musical:

Open with teacher instructing students about weathering, erosion, and deposition, but  the teacher has it all wrong! After one more mistake, the rocks can't take it anymore, and they come to life! As the rocks come to life, the teacher (since she lacks imagination) faints. The rocks then proceed to teach the class about the differences between weathering, erosion, and deposition through song, information, and dance!

Song 1 - WED to tune of My Favorite Things
Sediment falling and rocks that are breaking;

Pebbles in streams and rocks in the making

Rocks worn away from the flow of the streams

This is what happens in weathering.

Canyons are formed as rivers run through them

Erosion happens and rocks look brand new then

Erosion is different from weathering

This is what happens after weathering.

Picking up moving and dropping right after

Rocks traveling and suddenly dropping

Rocks piling up and soon falling

This is a process of deposition

When the rocks smooth, when the rocks move

When the rocks are dropped, I simply remember those three processes

And then I feel so smart

Song 2: Weathering to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock

Weathering, weathering, weathering rocks

Weathering's a process that happens to a rock

Breaking and shaking and tearing apart

That's the weathering,

That's the weathering,

That's the weathering rock!

Song 3: Erosion to the tune of Jingle Bells

Erosion moves rocks,

After they have been weathered,

By one of the agents,

Breaking them apart!

All the rocks travel,

Through both rain and shine,

And they enjoy the whole adventure

Traveling the Earth. Oh!

Erosion, erosion, erosion moves rocks

Moving all the small pieces 

To some brand new places!

Erosion, erosion, erosion moves rocks.

Just imagine where erosion

Will take the rocks next!

Song 4: Deposition to the tune of We Need a Little Christmas

Wind waves and gravity

Even glaciers call it ice if you want to

These are some agents

Of deposition don't you think they're nifty as well

For we need some deposition

Right this very minute

Dropping off the pieces 

Dispersing sediment

Oh yest we need some deposition

Right this very minute

Of course we weather and erosion first

But those can't beat the deposition

We're moving the rock now

You can blow it carry it

Anything you want

Find it at deltas

Or even levees in a river system

For we've weathered down the pieces

Made them itty bitty

Then we had to move them

Out it's called erosion

The next move is the dropping

Of these tiny rocks bits

Yes I need some deposition now!

Song 5: WED to tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Breaking, breaking, breaking rock

I weather you quite a lot.

Then I move you all around 

Until I drop you on the ground.

Breaking, breaking, breaking rock

I weather you quite a lot.