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County Rocks! - Group Project

Where a pebble worth a penny, can become worth 12 million dollars!

You are county commissioners on your assigned county’s Economic Development Team.  You have been elected by the people to help bring jobs into your county.  The State of Georgia has many different types of rocks and minerals which are used in manufacturing many different things. A local mineral company is looking for a new place to set up business; they are interested not only in establishing a quarry but some type of tourist attraction that is rock-related.

You are to create a dynamic ten minute presentation to Vulcan Materials Company about four rocks located in your county and why they would want to choose your county as the location of their next quarry.  Also, prepare an example of a tourist attraction that you think the mineral company would want to fund that is both educational and fun!

Your DYNAMIC presentation must include:

a)   The four most prolific rocks in your county;

b)  The classification and sub-classification of each rock and how they are formed;

c)    Describe what minerals are in each of the rocks.

d)  The uses of these different rocks in manufacturing.

e)   Any tourist attraction ideas that might be an added incentive to make Vulcan Materials Company want to spend $12 million to establish a branch in your area. 

Once you have completed your presentation, you will present it to business executives and geologists for their consideration.

Significant Content (AKS):

6th grade Science: 16b, 16b1, 16b2, 16b3

6th grade Language Arts: 1, 10, 20, 20a, 20b, 20c, 20d, 20e

21st Century Competencies (to be taught and assessed)

collaboration            creativity                    Innovation

communication       critical thinking

Roles of individuals in your group (to be assigned):

        1)   Research coordinator

          Responsible for maintaining copies of ALL research

          Responsible for making sure research is kept in classroom at all           times

          Responsible for filing work daily

        2)   Materials management

          Responsible for all supplies and materials used

          Responsible for return all supplies and materials at end of class

        3)   Manager (personnel and time)

          Responsible for taking roll

          Responsible for making sure all individuals are on task

          Responsible for making sure project is on time

          Responsible for the job of anyone not present

        4)   Technical coordinator

          Responsible for use, maintenance and return of any technical equipment as well as storage of data online