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2014- 2015 8th Grade

Students selected for the TWIST program will participate in traditional social studies, math, and connections classrooms. During two class periods each day, students will participate in TWIST, which is an integration of science and language arts using technology and project based learning. We have provided a sample schedule so you can get an idea of what a TWIST week may look like. We anticipate a student's homework load will be no greater than a traditional classroom. Although students will be completing several large projects throughout the year, we will provide project time during the school week. Students will be given a unit planner in Science to help them stay on schedule.

Special Days for Class:

30/30:   30 minutes for each class and one hour for project work

Double Down: Be in only LA or Science one day for 2 hours and then the next day do the other class

Groupie Day: mixed up in groups and can do any special days of classes