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8th Grade Large Group Norms

TWIST Norms for


Everyone must participate in all activities.

Each member will have a specific job in the team.

Make sure each member knows all the requirements and their part.

RESPECT everyone in the team (even if you don’t like them)

Don’t be a control freak--allow all the members to participate.

If your ideas are not used,  and/or you do not like your team, don’t sabotage the project.

If you are going to be absent, let your team know.  Do your best to be here.

Have better communication with each other and be clear and concise with it.

When someone is talking, practice excellent listening skills.

Share the workload evenly.

Help everyone even when it isn’t your job without becoming a control freak.

If you need help or feel left out, speak up.

Adhere to all deadlines.